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Tier 1:  The Living Module

Tier 2:  The Logistics Module

Secret 2.5 level

Tier 3: Scientific Module

Tier 4: The Hangar

  • Accommodations High-end accommodations Gym Entrance lounge Swimming pool Accommodations High-end accommodations Gym Entrance lounge Swimming pool
  • medical bay central control room briefing room interrogation room medical bay central control room briefing room interrogation room
  • Training rooms Weapon testing rooms Engineering labs Weapon manufacturing line Vehicle assembliy room Taining rooms Weapon testing rooms Engineering labs Weapon manufacturing line Vehicle assembliy room
  • Assembly area control room Hangar Assembly area Vehicle lift Vertical exit Assembly area control room Hangar Vehicle lift Entrance lounge Vertical exit

Created as a respite for the team, Allen spared no expense in making sure they are given a five star treatment. Equivalent to any high end hotel room, the rooms are designed to be comfortable during Greenland's cold winters, and act as the operatives' “dorm” rooms.


Equipped with amenities galore, this is Allen’s room.

high-end accomodations

High-end wellness center carrying weights, fitness equipment, a yoga studio and indoor track to ensure the team can get exercise during their off hours.


The lounge acts as a gathering area as well as entrance to the living quarters of the team.

entrance lounge

The gym’s locker rooms connect to a beautifully designed lap pool with hot tub and sauna room. High end filtration and exhaust systems keep these facilities operating at summer temperatures, creating a small slice of the tropics deep beneath the icy surface.

swimming pool

With the latest in automated medical technology and overseen by Allen Downs, the medical bay makes sure the team is in the best of health. It currently houses Katie Merson, Joe’s daughter, who is in intensive care at the TREADWATER Facility.

medical bay

The core of the TREADWATER Facility, the CCR monitors the base's energy, filtration, ventilation and communications. It can find any of the team based on their biometric signals, even if they are away from the base. Its supercomputer, one of the fastest in the world, constantly monitors and records the internet, news channels and satellite communications gathering information that may be found useful to the team. It also acts as a tactical tool, recording video and audio of the team, and relating back augmented reality based statistics and information from all missions.

central control room

Strategic planning for the team is crucial due to the hostile nature of the environments they find themselves in. The briefing room provides a succinct breakdown of information on the current state of the world’s financial markets, political stability and trending new events.

briefing room

Allows for the team to securely interview targets. It is equipped to record video and audio of all sessions. It also contains a two way mirror for anonymous viewing of all interviews.

interrogation room

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Wraith's room

The design of the training rooms is to allow the team to run simulations against holographic “combatants”. The layout of the room can change based on it being able to retract and create physical barriers, obstacles and doorways. The holograms are created using a series of tiny LED projectors that surround the circumference of the room, allowing for just about any confrontation. The weapons designated for this space are low powered lasers so that no intentional harm could come to the team.

training rooms

Used for live ammo testing and training of various forms of small, medium and large projectile weaponry. Made to withstand large artillery fire, can control up to 50 moving targets simultaneously as well as keep track of each operative’s hits, misses and accuracy. This room is a valuable tool and meant to help hone one’s skills in the art of gunplay.

weapon testing rooms

This is where Allen furthers his research. Nearly every aspect of the base is automated and artificially run, except for the engineering labs. Here, Allen architects new technology and continues to further develop and manipulate the nanorrhyd virus.

engineering labs

Since most of TREADWATER's weaponry and armor is anything but standard, Allen needed facilities to be able to create, modify, rework and manufacture their equipment without having to go outside of TREADWATER to do so (UniCore). He built the weapon manufacturing line close enough to the engineering labs to allow crossover of materials and hardware to allow for pin-point precision while building what the operatives would utilize in the field.

weapon manufacturing line

Created to give the operatives the ability to recreate vehicles based on intelligence and recon collected by the CCR. Through industrial ingenuity, three metal arms rapidly create the user’s choice of vehicle, small or large, in a matter of hours. The system was built clearly to make a better manufacturing process for cars, trucks and busses. But Jerry has been working with Allen to expand its capabilities.

vehicle assembliy room

This room allows for remote dissasembly of whatever is in the Assembly room. The user has control of robotic arms and other components that can be used to take apart a bomb (for example), without putting a member of the team in harms way.

assembly area control room

Housing various types of wheeled, aerial and water vehicles, it’s also the home of the TREADWATER's main mode of transportation, The T-1 Stealthfighter AKA Black Baby. The hangar utilizes heavy duty conveyor belts to move these machines into place for storage, loading purposes and to move into the Vehicle Lift. It’s also used for repairs, refueling and reloading after running operations.


A gigantic flex space at the bottom of the TREADWATER Facility, the assembly room is used really more as a disassembly room. Many of the TRDWTR operations entail removing hazardous weapons (of mass destruction) from those most inclined to use them. When they bring those weapons back to the base, they need a place to disassemble/dismantle, rather than simply storing them. The Assembly room is the most secure room in the facility. Reinforced with triple steel plated walls with a chemically resistant coating to prevent airborne chemicals from seeping though.

Assembly Room

An accelerated elevator made to move vehicles from the hangar to the surface. The elevator keeps the vehicle of choice in place utilizing clamps and once it has reached the Vertical Exit floor, moves it in place for exit procedures.

vehicle lift

Used to either give aircraft acceleration to achieve flight or to bring wheeled vehicles to the surface of the base, the vertical exit is the quickest way out of the TREADWATER Facility from the underground tiers.

vertical exit